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[Unboxing] SoKawaii December 2019

A little later than I expected, but I finally received my Christmas self-present: SoKawaii subscription box Christmas version.

I’ve been wanting to buy another of these boxes with little things from Japan, and SoKawaii caught my attention since a while, ’till they show in the spoilers the figure of Sakura coming in December box and I got immediately convinced ?.

For buying one you have to enter SoKawaii (If you use this link you get a 10% discount). If you just want to try for a month you can choose the monthly pay option and then cancel the subscription right after.

The first thing we find is a little paper with the box content.

This month, the box contained 6 objects: One Sanrio eco-bag, one Sanrio Christmas plushie for the tree, one Pokemon cloth, one Sanrio hair brush, Sanrio hermetic bags and Card Captor Sakura figure.

The eco-bag I got is a Cinnamoroll version (It’s too beautiful! ?). It says it resist 5 kg and it’s foldable for transport (Probably it has a better folding style than mine ?).

The Christmas ornament is one of my favorite things from this month. It’s a beautiful plushie with a gift box and a jingle bell, that looks even more beautiful when hangs on the tree.

The Pokemon cloth is actually a Furoshiki. According to sir Wikipedia this is “a type of traditional Japanese wrapping cloth traditionally used to transport clothes, gifts, or other goods”. I got the spring version which is really pinky and with those adorable Pikachus ?.

The hairbrush I got is Kuromi’s version, personally my favorite from both. It’s super nice to brush your hair as it’s the type that massage your head and hardly pulls your hair. The star-filled inside is too beautiful, but I noticed that when I brush my hair usually one or two of them fall. Also, you must avoid wetting it (yes, I wet it but it’s already dry ?) as the water gets inside the brush and the design gets wet and the stars stuck. Anyway, it’s my favorite hair brush.

The hermetic bags were unexpected for me and, at first, they didn’t catch my attention, but the truth is that they are of a really good quality. The only problem is that they are M size, so I still don’t find them a use (it’s just that I don’t want to waste them ?).

Sakura’s figure is wonderful. To be honest I was afraid that it had a bad quality but it’s excellent, maybe it has a little lack of details but nothing serious because only the most expensive figures are more detailed. The only critic I could make is that Kero is superimposed instead of fixed. Nevertheless, this shouldn’t be important as the figures don’t tend to be moved.

That’s all from this box. I don’t know when I’ll do another order but when I do it will probably be from SoKawaii, I loved every one of the objects and, above all, I liked the fact that I didn’t feel any of the objects to be useless. If you like kawaii stuffs, I seriously recommend you these boxes.

Bye bye ?

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