A Tournament of Crowns (A Trial of Sorcerers Book 3) – Elise Kova


A Royal Tournament. Thrilling Magic. Deadly Mysteries. Slow-Burn Romance.

Last night, Eira killed a man.

However justified her actions were, many now regard her as a cold-blooded murderer and a heretic who extinguished their hope. But there’s no time to explain herself. She barely has a chance to wash the blood off her hands before the Tournament of Five Kingdoms begins.

Sequestered with the other champions for the duration of the tournament, Eira must now navigate the games, her competition, the enemies who hunt her head, and — somehow worse than all the rest — being stuck in close quarters with the man who broke her heart.

All is fair in love and magical tournaments, and Eira is ready for the fight of her life.


It took me a millennium to finish this book, but it’s because I’m still in the worst reading block of my life. Still, it encouraged me to keep reading.

Eira just killed Ferro, only to realize that things, far from improving, became more complex.

With the tournament about to begin, Eira and her friends are sent to Meru where they must begin participating in individual and team competitions.

But Eira is not interested in anything other than finding and killing Ulvarth… and maybe a little bit in forgetting Cullen.

Eira forced a smile, as if she were being coy, as if it were all a metaphor and life and death didn’t actually hang in the balance. “Of course. We are here for the glory of Solaris. I want victory or nothing.”

I loved Eira and Alyss’ relationship from the beginning of the story, but I love the new dynamic that is being generated (finally) in which Eira begins to lean on her friends instead of doing everything alone and secretly.

There was a time Eira would’ve avoided answering honestly at all costs. She would’ve hidden the ghosts haunting her, threatening to jump out from the shadows and evaporate into nothing more than a bad dream the moment they hit the light. But that time was over.

I also really like the relationship that is beginning to form between Eira and Olivin. #TeamOlivin #CullenYouLostHer

I was reading what I wrote about book one and turns out I did fall for the elfin after all 😅.

I’m really bothered by the version of Cullen that we see in this book. A coward, selfish and whiner. I don’t feel he vindicated himself enough.

Eira opened and closed her mouth, trying to make sense of his logic. Perhaps if she squinted and tilted her head and looked through a hazy mirror she could almost see his point of view. But, even then, it couldn’t be more wrong.

As for the famous tournament, I greatly enjoyed the tests and especially seeing how small relationships were formed between the kingdoms (except the draconis, the only dragons that I do not like 😂).

Eira… Mixed feelings mija. It is that she is a reluctant hero, but at the same time she always seeks to be in the middle of everything.

“You’re going to stun the world. Everyone, near and far, will know your name,” he whispered. “I just know it.”
Let’s hope that for once it’s in a good way.” Eira pulled away and smiled.

I like how we see her growth little by little. I regret her sufferings, but sometimes it gets annoying to hear her constant complaining about having the weight of the world on her shoulders, when the next minute she adds weight to herself.

Just need to add that Noelle gets cooler each book.

What?” Noelle gasped. “Silks? We cannot lose. I will not sleep on those scratchy blankets.”
“Glad you have all the motivation you need.” Cullen chuckled. “And here I was worried these games would be beneath you.”
“Beneath me?” Noelle scoffed. “If there are two things I love, they’re attention and winning. These games are perfect for me.”

Anyway, I need the next part soon.

Bye bye 💕

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