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[Unboxing] Fairyloot January 2021: Greek Mythology

Hello people! Today I bring you an unboxing that excites me because it’s from my first Fairyloot box!

This is the January box and the theme is Greek Mythology. I can’t explain how hard it was to get it. I was lucky enough to join the waiting list in time for the invitation for the January box to arrive… but it turns out that they do not ship to Chile ?.
So I got depressed… but then I realized that I could bring it with a P.O. box. It costs an arm and a leg, but it arrived.

Outside of jokes so that you know if someone from Latin America wants to subscribe, I have a free P.O. box in Miami, so I am subscribed from the page for the United States and Canada. The subscription options are:

  • Monthly: USD $33.90 (+ shipping)
  • 3 months: USD $98.70 (+ shipping)
  • 6 months: USD $191.40 (+ shipping)

Shipping was USD $7.99, however it rose to USD $9.90.

I pay the monthly option, so the total corresponds to USD $43.89. And the total cost for the service of the P.O. box was about USD $44. Giving a total per box of ~ USD $88).

Anyway, for me it’s worth it so nothing to do ?‍♀️.

Now, the unboxing.

The first thing that one finds when opening the box is the “spoilers card” (in truth I had already spoiled everything that was coming, but I still didn’t want to look at the paper at first ?).

Then we have our first object. A wooden spatula!! It is designed by @kdpletters and contains a quote from Julie Berry’s book Lovely War. It really fascinated me, but I have a big problem with it, I don’t know when I will dare to use it ?.

Then we have a book sleeve. It is my first sleeve and the truth is I do not think I will move from my house in another millennium (thanks covid ?), so it will only have a decorative use, but at least it is beautiful. It’s inspired by Madeline Miller’s Circe and designed by @chattynora.
In addition to its obvious beauty, the quality is very good. It has a zipper and lining inside with padding.

The next thing we find is a trinket dish. Apparently the idea of ​​this is to put jewelry or things like that, but I am afraid that it will break, so I have no idea what I will do with it ?‍♀️. It’s inspired by the myth of Eros (Cupid) and Psyche about the love between a god and a human. The beautiful illustration was made by @taratjah. I was impressed, in addition to the beauty of the dish itself, with the care they put into the packaging.

The next thing, and which again impressed me with the care in the packaging, is an enamel bookmark designed by @monolimeart and inspired by my favorite goddess, Athena. There is not much to say about it, the images speak for me.

The next thing in the box are two tarot cards, corresponding to three and four of wands. Apparently these are collectible cards that come in every box and I’ve missed a lot ?. In this case they are inspired by the book The Wrath & the Dawn by Renée Ahdieh and were designed by @arz28.

Then we have a medusa-inspired clothing patch (iron-on), of the shield of Lore. The design was done by @alyesasworld. I saw a picture of someone who put it on the back of a black jean jacket and it looked divine.

And the last thing before the book is a Rick Riordan’s Percy Jackson art print, also designed by @arz28.

Now… The famous book ?. The January book was a special edition of Lore by Alexandra Bracken.

In addition, inside the bag there is a letter from the author which has in the back a beautiful image of the characters designed by @runningquill_art. The letter made me want to read the book even more.

We also have a paper that includes the theme of the February box which was “What the Future Holds”, although this has already been sent and now we are on the March subscription whose theme is “Frozen Fables“.

Finally, the book. This edition has (takes a lot of air) exclusive cover, sprayed and stencil edges, artworks on the reverse of the dust jacket (by @lizzart_zardonicz), foil embossing on the front and the back of the case, custom endpapers and a printed signature (phew, breathe again). And all of this look like:

I’ve already started reading it and the truth is that the story is quite interesting and it seems super original to me.

Well, we have reached the end of this post ?. I hope you liked it as much as I enjoyed making it.

I can understand now why Fairyloot is one of people’s favorite boxes, it is definitely one of mine. The quality and dedication they put into each of their products, and even in the attention of their subscribers is wonderful. Without any doubt I recommend subscribing to anyone who likes fantasy and has the possibility. Even the box is beautiful.

Bye bye 💕

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