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[Story Time] Series And Just Like That

Hello everyone! I wanted to do a little Story Time after seeing the first two episodes of the series And Just Like That, which is the “continuation” of Sex and the City.

The thing is that for a while my mom and I wanted to see a series together, and today it occurred to her that we could see that one. I never saw the Sex and the City series, but I did see both movies and I love them, so it seemed like a super good idea to me.

We put it on at lunchtime to see something relaxed and since the beginning I liked it a lot. After half of the first chapter I was already sure that I was going to enjoy the series.

And then came the end of chapter 1…

I was shocked and depressed, so I decided to watch the second chapter to feel better. But…

Turned out that the lighthearted series that we were going to see failed me, and it broke my heart. So I got mad at my mom for the suggestion and I won’t watch this show anymore.

Just kidding, I do plan to keep seeing it (eventually, because that’s me with series), but honestly I did not see coming what happened in these chapters and I needed to vent🤣.

And this has been my interesting story today. Have you seen or will you see this series?

Bye bye 💕

UPDATE: I wrote this post in January and never uploaded it. Now we are in April and I will tell you that I have not seen this series again, but my mom made me addicted to Gray’s Anatomy 😅

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