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Seduced by Death (Vegas Immortals: Death and the Last Vampire Book 3) – Holly Roberds

*Please take in count that this is a spoiler-free review for book 3. This means it’s probably full of spoilers of book 1 and 2.*


Night after night, I meet Death

He turns me inside out and makes me feel things I never knew possible.

Day by day, his patience thins as I deprive the god of death the one thing he wants more than anything.

My heart.

But with my kind of childhood, one doesn’t just go dropping the L word unless it’s to a triple chocolate buttercream cupcake.

I’m an acts of service kind of vampire, so I’m showing I care by tracking down the only blade forged that can kill him.

Because if Grim dies, the whole world will go to hell.

And facing an eternity without him would kill me.

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*Trigger warnings? Explicit sex scenes… like, a lot; sexual abuse of power (no rape).*

Death can’t die… Can he?

There’s a god trying to destroy the balance of the world. Who? No one knows. Why? No one knows either.

The only thing everyone knows is that this god has the Blade of Bane and used it to kill Seth.

Osiris let Vivien live (for a while) so she could help track the sword with her bounty hunting skills. And as this sword could actually kill the only man she ever lov… the only man she ever wanted to be with, she took the mission by heart.

If I kept myself from fully loving Grim, I never risked fully receiving his heart. Because if I got the love I so craved, I’d do anything to keep it. And that terrified me to the marrow of my bones.

Meanwhile, the gods try to discover who is behind all this trouble. But they are in real danger and need to find the solution fast.

Missing gods and new sekhors (vampires) on the streets means they are already too late…

I can’t take this book out of my head.

Vivien and Grim are finally together, but they still have a lot to solve in their relationship.

That’s exactly the issue, Vivien. We have all the time in the world, which means pain and uncertainty can last as long. Your uncertainty. My pain.

We get to see a lot more of the gods, and also of the human friends that somehow get in the middle of all this. We finally get to know Timothy a little more, and he’s just so cute. All the “secondary” characters are absolutely amazing and add so much to the story. Starting with Miranda who is not badass but badassest, the god of badass if that existed.

I absolutely loved the development of Vivien and Grim’s relationship. Even though there were moments when my heart cracked.

“No one has ever loved me the way that you have. No one has allowed me to be so unapologetically myself and loved me so deeply and intensely. I’m not afraid of your intensity. I’m afraid of losing you because I can’t give you what you want fast enough.”

Actual picture of my heart right now

Vivien is badass as always, and Grim is just like a cute-puppy-english-gentleman. No idea why English but I really can picture him drinking tea with the queen.

I want to say so much more, but I’m lost for words.

I don’t like to compare, but this book reminded me of Titan saga by JLA. Which I consider one of my favorite books ever, so you can know how much I liked this one.

I really hope everyone can give this book a chance. It’s extremely sweet, romantic, funny, action packed and steamy and seriously everything a good book needs.

My heart suffered, then completely broke, then was fixed and feeling full just for having a heart attack. I literally cried over cupcakes, that should tell everything. Fortunately, my heart is happy now, except for saying goodbye to Vivien and Grim.

Bye bye 💕


Holly started out writing Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Terminator romantic fanfiction before spinning off into her own fantastic worlds with apocalyptic stakes.

Recently relocated to New Hampshire from Colorado, Holly is exploring the possibilities of become a witch (as one must consider when living in New England) and is hard at work implementing the word “wicked” into her vernacular.

She lives with her husband whose handsome looks are only out done by his charming and wicked supportive personality.

Two surly house rabbits supervise this writer, to make sure she doesn’t spend all of her time watching Buffy reruns.

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