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The Brave & The Broken (Gifted Fae Academy Book 2) – Brittni Chenelle


When one of the four elite students of Gifted Fae Academy is murdered, it leaves the entirety of the student body feeling defeated… especially me.

A shocking declaration shatters the fragile peace the school has barely managed to maintain and brings the criminal organization dedicated to murdering Fae to the forefront of society. Their leader is identified–a traitor we believed to be one of our own.

With the only home I have left threatening to close its doors, I must prove where my loyalties lie. There is no such thing as trust within the walls of the legendary academy any longer. It’s now student versus student. We’re all hurt… all broken. The thirst for revenge is palpable, and there is no one who craves justice more than I do. But, no one is as conflicted as I am, either. Nothing is as it seems. The lies are too simple and the truth is far too complex. The more pieces of the puzzle that I uncover, the closer I get to the boy who broke us–who broke me.

Will I have what it takes to stop him before his plans come to fruition? Or will my hesitation cost me my life?


Quan was murdered. The school barrier had failed. Kai betrayed them all… again.

Reina is at GFA seeing how everything is crumbling. They even want to close the school. Oden is completely broken after losing one of his best friends, and even more after noticing that Reina still wants to believe in Kaito’s innocence. At least she has Yemoja Roux as her support, she and her best friend Bri.

On the other hand, Kaito had betrayed everyone, but it wasn’t his intention. He may sympathize with some of The Fallen ideals, but he doesn’t agree with killing the Fae. Less after what happened to Quan. Besides, he finally understood he’s in love with Reina and won’t let them hurt her, and he knows destroying GFA would hurt her.

But things get even harder when Kai starts to get closer with the leader of the Fallen, the Deathly Touch.


Ok, at first I was entertained but nothing so special. The men in this book are real assholes, even Oden, maybe mostly Oden, and it made me even madder that Reina keeps justifying them. And she still loving Kaito was making me crazy.

But Kai eventually got into my heart. He was never a bad person. I just really don’t like when I get to understand and even like the bad guy. It’s unfortunately something that we can’t afford to do in real life.

This book was so much better than the first one. Like, the ending literally gave me chills. As the first one is a fast and entertaining reading, with so much more action and gifts, so just go and grab your copy.

Trigger warning: The bullying stopped in this book, but you have to see the bullied girl still in love with her bully so take that in count. Still, this bully has a golden heart (just reaaaaaaaaaaally hidden in the first book).

Bye bye ?

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