Daughter of Darkness – Juliana Haygert


She is destined to kill a demon.
He is sent to protect her.
One of them is about to fail …

He spent centuries in the dark …

After 300 years spent in the underworld as a punishment, warrior Devon is called on by the gods for a chance to fix his mistake–and to win his redemption. But there’s a catch: the gods won’t tell him details about his mission. He’s supposed to suffer while trying to figure out what he did wrong in the past, and fix it in the present.

All Kenna ever wanted was to be the owner of her own life and destiny. But for now all she can do is run away from the evil wanting to claim her powers.

 ... until she came …

When Devon becomes unintentionally entangled in his new neighbor’s life, he can’t help but feel he’s closer to his purpose. Every moment he spends with Kenna makes him confused, and every time he touches her, glimpses of the past, of his failed mission, come back to haunt him.

… and showed him the light.

Darkness is closing in, and with Kenna’s help, Devon needs to put the pieces of the puzzle together before he fails his mission again and evil consumes the world.

Only this time, he’s sure he won’t be the only one damned.


I feel so happy after reading this book.

Devon is a Warrior. He was once human, but now he is one immortal being who protects the world. He’s just back in earth after spending 300 years in hell as punishment for failing his last mission. The gods send him back to make things right this time, but they decided it was an amazing idea to erase all his memories and sent him only with a ring as a clue of his mission…

Kenna has been running for a long time. She and Cecilia escaped Slater, but he keeps trying to get them back. He wants Kenna because she can control darkness.

After a while without being found, Cecilia feel confident enough for establishing against Kenna’s will. She ends accepting, but decided to not let anyone close to them, knowing they would be eventually found again.

The problem is, before even noticing, she is on charge of two little kids and has a best friend. And her neighbour, Devon, seems to love being in her house too…

I found super interesting the format of this story. We are constantly travelling between past and present, and switching between POVs of Kenna, Kianna, Past Devon and Present Devon. Sometimes on first person, and others on third. Even more amazing is that this is never confusing.

We get to see how the story is repeating itself. Just, not exactly… For example, Kianna usually bakes and everyone loves it, while Kenna (who I think is somehow Future Kianna) doesn’t know how to cook and almost burns her kitchen trying.

Truth be told, I knew I had to read this book since the moment I saw that cover. I just can’t stop looking at it. And adding the name… I just knew this was for me. Luckily I got an ARC from Juliana.

By the way, snaps for me, I read the synopsis before reading the book.

I was SO right, I’m in love with this book. It’s about destined love, but they don’t get along at the beginnig… just my cup of tea.

The story is super simple and cute at the beginning. But we know something will go wrong, and can feel Devon is going straight to repeat his mistake, even if we not know what it was. I did suffer a lot near the end.

I’m also nicely surprised that I couldn’t predict what would happen. I had a thousand theories and failed miserably with most.

So, in brief, I fully recommend this book. It’s a standalone full of sweet love, not only romantic, but of family and friends. Action and humor too. It even has a Ball! Both in past and present ?. Also, Kianna and Kenna are both strong and powerful women, but absolutely different mostly for their era. And Devon, well he’s just perfect ??‍♀️.

Bye bye ?

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