Exchange (The Tandro Series Book III) – Naomi E. Lloyd


“Would you risk the fate of the world to save your child?”

She is an unwitting pawn.

He is an innocent player.

A game of hearts that will rock her world.

An incredible exchange that could save his.

And a love story that could transform everything.

Erin has one focus in life. Move forward. Never look back. 

At the tender age of 15, Erin survived a horrific tragedy. Now, seven years later, in 2022, she has built a new life and a new family. One that she would do anything to protect. Which is exactly what her enemies are counting on.

Faced with another incredible out-of-this-world scenario Erin is forced to confront demons from her past. It is the only way she can save all that she loves from being destroyed by Tandro once again.

But sometimes what you think you are fighting for is not always what it seems…


Sometimes the only way to move forward is to reach back through time.

This is the first time that a book surprises me like this. The first book was not at all my taste, despite the fact that the general plot caught my attention and it was well-developed. I liked the second book a lot more, but I felt it more realistic than I expected, and while Erin’s story captured me, this latest installment was totally on another level.

3 years have passed since Tiegal left and stayed on Earth. Atla’s government is weakened as the number of diamonds has decreased and people have begun to try forms of physical contact in a desperate attempt to obtain energy like Tiegal.

Parador (yep, again Parador) has a plan and controls Atla and her “sisters”, Indramia and Ochrani, to carry it out. Her plan is to use Tiegal’s Derado, which has been passed down from generation to generation and now has come into Erin’s hands in 2022.

Real Derado fabricated by Uwe Koetter Jewellers, you can see the process here

Erin has become a 22-year-old woman, who has dedicated her life to eliminating sexual slavery, especially of minors. She is married and has a little 1-year-old son named Jack. The family that Erin fought so hard to keep together when she was 15, died in late 2015 in a car accident. She was the only survivor, but lost much of her memory.

After reading Reach, many of the things that happen in the beginning of the book make no sense. It feels like it was a separate novel, and they didn’t follow the same thread. I was even about to stop reading the book when I saw that Erin had married Kieran, the pedophile. Especially since he didn’t even change, he’s the same disgusting man he was back in 2015. But knowing that Erin doesn’t remember much of her past kept me reading in the hope that there was a powerful reason for them to be together. And I’m so glad I continued…

Jack is ill and the doctors cannot find out why. Erin is desperate until an offer comes from another world, in which they could save her son in exchange for her making an “exchange” (Déjà vu?) with Jovil. But Erin’s dreams constantly warn her to be careful of the doors she opens, and she knows that she opened the first door the moment she touched the auction necklace, and that the second one opened the moment she meets Jovil. Will she open the last door, knowing that it could mean the end of both worlds, to save her son?

Doors can break diamonds.

A story full of time travel, mind games and romance. There are so many questions that form in the book that I thought it would be impossible to answer all of them, but Naomi managed it and in an amazing way. All the pieces fit together into the ending, after one of the best twists I’ve come across in a book.

“The coup de foudre”. Her mum had always talked about this experience, that it can happen, but only to the lucky ones — the coup de foudre – the bolt of lightning: a love at first sight. The feeling that is such a shock to the system that your physical being can feel elevated, changed.

I almost forgot to mention that I feel I learned a lot while reading, because every time there is an explanation regarding diamonds it is very complete and scientific. And Erin’s analogy with diamonds is quite beautiful.

We always become stronger together.

In short, it’s been a long time since I felt so excited recommending a book, especially since I really didn’t have good expectations and was very surprised.

Bye bye ?

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