Unwritten & Rewritten – Tara Gilboy

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Twelve-year-old Gracie Freeman is living a normal life, but she is haunted by the fact that she is actually a character from a story, an unpublished fairy tale she’s never read. When she was a baby, her parents learned that she was supposed to die in the story, and with the help of a magic book, took her out of the story, and into the outside world, where she could be safe.

But Gracie longs to know what the story says about her. Despite her mother’s warnings, Gracie seeks out the story’s author, setting in motion a chain of events that draws herself, her mother, and other former storybook characters back into the forgotten tale. Inside the story, Gracie struggles to navigate the blurred boundary between who she really is and the surprising things the author wrote about her. As the story moves toward its deadly climax, Gracie realizes she’ll have to face a dark truth and figure out her own fairy tale ending.


I’ve done this review a long time ago and it goes like this:

This book is a really fast reading as it keeps you interested from the start.

It tells the story about a girl named Gracie whose life was literally written. She spent her whole life wanting to know what this story said about her until she found herself in the middle of something she would’ve rather not know about.

What I liked a lot about this book is that whenever you feel you already know what’s going on and what’s coming next it turns out you’re wrong and the story gives a 360 turn.

I really recommend this book and only took a star from it because the end left me a little disappointed. It was not bad, but it was too open for me (unless it has a second part that I’m missing).

Well, now I know it has a second part so the ending of the first book was actually perfect for a saga.


After learning the truth about her own fairy tale, twelve-year-old Gracie wants nothing more than to move past the terrible things author Gertrude Winters wrote about her and begin a new chapter in the real world. If only things were going as planned. On the run from the evil Queen Cassandra, the characters from Gracie’s story have all been forced to start over, but some of them cannot forget Gracie’s checkered past.

Even worse, Gracie discovers that as long as Cassandra has her magical book, the Vademecum, Gracie’s story is still being written and none of the characters are safe, including her mom and dad. In a desperate attempt to set things right, Gracie finds herself transported into another one of Gertrude’s stories—but this one is a horror story. Can Gracie face her destiny and the wild beast roaming the night, to rewrite her own story?


Rewritten again tells Gracie’s story, but now that she lives in the real world with her parents and Walter’s in Gertrude Winter’s house. All of this because Cassandra escaped with the Vademecum and they need to remain hidden again.

Gracie was having a relatively normal life until she finds out that Gertrude had written a lot more stories along with Gracie’s own. Since she read a few of them, she starts getting glimmers again, just that this time they are not from her own story.

For making everything worse, Cassandra finds Gracie and tell her that the Vademecum has started recording every single movement and thought of Gracie, so they were never actually safe. And staying in the house puts everyone in danger.

Trying to escape from Cassandra, Gracie and Walter end up inside one of Gertrude’s story and the worst of them. A horror one.

Now Gracie needs to find a way to get the Vademecum from Cassandra, all while trying to survive the beast in the story and helping her new friends to change their ending as she did.

This book again grabs your attention immediately. It’s a nice and fast reading and even though it’s recommended for people between 10-14 years old I feel people of any age can enjoy it. At least I did and I’m in my 20’s. A really fresh turn into fairytales where you get immerse in a story that gets inside another story.

I love the idea of these story and I felt it was well developed. I fully recommend this book.

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