The Idhun Chronicles (Netflix’s Serie)

I never thought of doing a review of a TV series, but I feel that this case deserves it.

And of course, I’m talking about the poor, overly criticized Netflix anime series Memorias de Idhún (The Idhun Chronicles), which was released a few days ago.

This is not a review of the plot of the series because it is true that the story is attached to the book and I love it. Probably one day I will review the saga itself, but until then just know that it is one of the most important books for me.

I honestly enjoyed it. Seeing the scenes I read so long ago animated was wonderful. However, this did not blind me to reality.

Memorias de Idhún was written in Spanish and has been translated into 14 languages, but not into English and unfortunately, it is this language that tends to be the most important for massification, for example to have more merchandising (I want Pops and stuffed animals and necklaces and everythiiiiiiiing ?).

Translated into Catalan, German, Italian, French, Portuguese, Russian, Polish, Korean, Swedish, Finnish, Norwegian, Turkish and Hungarian.

So I was very excited for the premiere of the series, not only because I wanted to see it, but also because at last there was an opportunity for this saga to become known in English.

But I feel a huge pain for the quality of the series. It is not that the animation is bad itself, only that it has many flaws or details without enough importance, for example in the astral conjunction: Seeing that quality of drawing of the stars and then the lightning appears with a completely different drawing style I feel it affected too much the scene.

Another issue are the voices… Everyone has said it and it is the biggest criticism of the series even before its premiere, but anyway I tried to see it in Spanish.
A total disappointment. I do not want to underestimate the work that the actors did here, the fault lies only with Netflix who, after getting a complete casting of professional voice actors approved by Laura (the author of the book), decided that they preferred to attract an audience and hired other actors, with a lot of experience in their area, but who are not voice actors. You can tell the difference with Michelle Jenner (Victoria), the only one from the original casting who survived this “feat”.

Post by Laura Gallego about the voices, so you have proof that this are not my words.

Then I tried to see it in English, it improves a lot but the emotions still don’t convince me, so I ended up trying German because someone suggested it on Twitter and it is the one I liked the most of the ones I tried. I never imagined seeing a Spanish series in German ??‍♀️.

But, even if one ignores the voices, I cannot understand the music. It has a lot of spaceship overtones that don’t make sense with the story. I have no knowledge of how to set a scene to music, but the difference is clear when the music is “correct” because it places you in the emotion corresponding to the scene and… nowhere in this series should have been a spaceship emotion…

Another thing is the nonexistent Opening and Ending. This would have seemed totally irrelevant to me if it wasn’t because, with everything else, I feel that it would have been nice to feel that it was given enough importance to create something original as “compensation.” At least the images that appear in the end are beautiful.

Honestly, this was a vent post and to contribute my grain of sand to continue supporting this saga.

If you have read Memorias de Idhún I have no doubt that you will see the series despite everything they say. But if you haven’t read it, I hope you give it a try anyway, if when you see the series the basic plot catches your attention, I assure you that you will not regret reading the books (or comics).

I also hope that among all the criticisms that have come out, Netflix will be able to make changes to improve the series and have other seasons, because I love this story from the bottom of my heart (except maybe the end ?) and I don’t want everything ending like this.

Bye bye ?

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