The Altruist and the Assassin: A Standalone Fated Love Fantasy Romance (The Book of All Things Book 3) – Sarah M. Cradit


She’s searching for redemption. What she finds is her destiny.

Disappear into this tumultuous tale of revenge and redemption, as two fated souls are thrust into each other’s paths once more.

Rhiain enjoys a charmed life as the daughter of one of the most powerful men in the realm. Spoiled and vain, she has never met a need or want she couldn’t attain. The dark spots in her memory have been tucked away, with all other unpleasant things.

Then a terrible mistake brings her entire world crashing down around her. Her life shifts in an instant; her fate, uncertain. Her father’s punishment for her is forcing her to train for a life as one of his prized assassins.

But a chance encounter in a familiar tavern will change everything.

Everything she knows.

Everything she feels.

Everything she is.

As Rhiain gets closer to handsome, enigmatic Asterin— a man she doesn’t remember but claims to possess the truth about her dark spots—she begins to accept there is much more to these gaps in her understanding of the past.

Because these memories were taken from her for a reason. And there are those who will do anything to stop her from remembering.


*Trigger warnings? Murders, blood, attempt of child abuse, explicit sex scenes.*

Rhiain is a (kind of) princess that ruins her arranged marriage and with that her life. And the life of a whole family too.

After a few years she gets a new engagement with one of the sons of their lifelong enemy. But she finds out this eternal enmity might not be the truth. Actually, maybe nothing in her life is truth.

“You’re only just learning what most of us discover all too early in our lives. That life takes and takes from us. If we let it, it will take everything. When it gives, we’re expected to grovel and then lie back and accept the next loss like it’s a gift and not reparation.”

This is the basic plot of the book but with soooooo many emotions. I didn’t read the synopsis of this book before reading it and I’m glad because I feel it does have a little spoiler that I enjoyed discovering along the story.

As I said, this is a book full of emotions. We see the growth of the characters as they find themselves, coming to terms with their past and choosing their future.

Rhiain extended both of her arms, daggers pointed outward. Let them see. Let them all see. See who she was now. See what Mathias Skylark had created.

The story is good and keeps you hooked from the start. It was incredibly unpredictable for me most of the time and the journey that the characters must take to get the future they deserve is really painful yet full of love.

The men in her life have done nothing but disrespect her wishes, and if I can’t stand down when she asks me to, I don’t deserve to rise for her either.

My favorite character is 100% Sesto. Not only did he add humor to the story, but his loyalty filled my heart.

Although there were times when this book was a little bit slow for me, I still highly recommend it, especially for people who need a push to move forward. I feel that if I had read it at another time of my life I would have given it 5 stars.

PS: I have to add I’m absolutely in love with the cover, and after reading the book I love it 3000 times more.

Bye bye 💕


Sarah is the USA Today and International Bestselling Author of over forty contemporary and epic fantasy stories, and the creator of the Kingdom of the White Sea and Saga of Crimson & Clover universes.

Born a geek, Sarah spends her time crafting rich and multilayered worlds, obsessing over history, playing her retribution paladin (and sometimes destruction warlock), and settling provocative Tolkien debates, such as why the Great Eagles are not Gandalf’s personal taxi service. Passionate about travel, she’s been to over twenty countries collecting sparks of inspiration, and is always planning her next adventure.

Sarah and her husband live in a beautiful corner of SE Pennsylvania with their three tiny benevolent pug dictators.

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