Emerald’s Fracture (Isles of Stone Book 1) – Kate Kennelly


Her worst nightmare. His dark past. Can they save their people? A deadly epidemic devastates Whitestrand city.

Healer Natalie Desmond must unravel the disease’s secrets before it spreads. Lives are on the line—among them, her beloved family.

In the wake of an injury, Healer Jules Rayvenwood can no longer use Healing magic. Reluctantly, he works with a former student, Natalie, to regain his abilities. It’s a tough pill to swallow for someone once so gifted in his profession.

Ordered to fight the epidemic as a team, Natalie and Jules must make their partnership work—or face the disastrous consequences.

Will Natalie and Jules save their people in time?


I must confess I wanted to read this book for the cover, for some reason it caught my eye and I honestly didn’t even read the synopsis ?, even though if you look closely the face it’s kinda scary. Fortunately, it turned out to be a really good decision ?.

The book tells the story of Natalie, a Healer from Ismereld, one of the five isles with megaliths that somehow connect with a few people and give them some gifts. For the Healers this gift is the ability to “see” the disease in people’s bodies (Naming) and also activate healing herbs to enhance its effect.

Natalie has been in love with Healer Juliers Rayvenwood since he was her first Naming teacher. Even now, 5 years later she’s suffering as he has gone to war. But her childish infatuation put her in a bad situation when Jules comes back from war hurted and unable to use his Naming. Nat has to work with him from now on, and it seems like the man she liked disappeared in the war and returned a complete asshole in his place. Natalie is an amazing Healer, but she doesn’t have too much confidence about it, and Jules superiority certainly doesn’t help.

They must learn to deal with each other while they find a way to heal a mortal disease that is expanding in their isle.

This book caught my attention immediately. It’s really descriptive and it makes easy to “see” everything happening.

It’s so easy to relate with Nat that I got easily attached to her. And about Jules… he stressed me out but at the same time I love him. He gives a little of fun to the story.

Also, special mention to Jake, Nat’s dog for being the best dog ever. Just wanted to say it.

[su_spoiler title=”Here is a little comment about the end of the book so I’ll put it as a spoiler, although I don’t feel it affects if you read this before the book” icon=”chevron-circle”]I loved the ending of the book, but at the same time I was laughing really hard because it was such a movie ending. I could really picture Nataly in the boat with the wind in her hair and looking at the horizon. With the background music and the camera getting far from her.

In short, I totally recommend this book and will certainly read the rest of the saga. Even though it had some predictable moments, they all made sense for me. Like, they were things that needed to happen. Also, I loved Kate’s writing style because it had a lot of details without being overwhelming.

Bye bye ?

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