Release (The Tandro Series Book 1) – Naomi E. Lloyd

*After reading Exchange, the last book from this saga, I definitely recommend reading this book. Even though the beginning of the story didn’t convince me, it’s final totally worth it.*


Dare to Dream. Dare to Reach. Dare to Love.

In 2065, in a pristine new world called Tandro, Tiegal has everything but the one thing she desires. 


Love is forbidden on Tandro. It’s her world’s only rule.  

And she’s about to break it. 

Johannes, a farmer in South Africa, living in 1865, has entered her dreams and her heart. Defying space, time and a tyrannical leader, Tiegal escapes Tandro and finds a way to his world and time.  

She is finally home. 

But her enemies on Tandro will go to any lengths to get her back. 

And they are getting closer… 


Tiegal is an 18-year-old girl, about to live her Release ceremony in which the youth of Tandro receive their Derado. A jewel capable of channeling their energy.

In Tandro interpersonal relationships have been eliminated. Babies are made with carbon donations from selected volunteers, in a pool with diamonds, which gives them the energy to grow.

One of the greatest effects of this form of reproduction are the eyes of the Tandroans. Their pupils have a diamond shape and shine like flashlights.

Tiegal feels totally out of place. Unlike others, she is unable to hide her thoughts and can read even those that others try to hide. This can be very problematic if your thoughts are constantly questioning the way of life and the robotic system that has created its leader, Atla.

Her dreams don’t help either. Always the same man, with animal eyes (according to Tiegal he has animal eyes because they don’t have a bright pupil), while she is enclosed in a bubble and tries to approach. Tiegal is sure that her destiny is to meet that man.

When Release day finally arrives, Tiegal receives her Derado. With it, she travels mysteriously to the world of the man of her dreams.

Until here the book was pretty confusing for me, as I couldn’t fully understand Tandro functioning. But once Tiegal and Johannes meet things became a little more interesting. While both feel they are destined to be together, their different worlds create quite funny situations between them.

To be honest, it meant a giant effort for me to finish this book. I just didn’t quit because I don’t like to leave books halfway, but it couldn’t keep my interest. However, the basic idea is excellent and not badly developed. In addition, all the facts are linked in time and space in a splendid way. However, this book was not for me.

I feel really bad about making a bad review of a book, so I want to make it clear that it is only my perspective and if you like the style you may love it. It is basically a pink novel, in which the relationship becomes very important, especially in the descriptions, which probably made it boring for me. Also, I never connected with Tiegal. It seems to me that her reactions are exaggerated and she always acts without thinking, which was understandable in the beginning but she never seemed to grow. Johannes also disappointed me towards the end of the book.

It also has sexual content, not explicit but pretty clear.

I may read the following books in the saga, but not for now.

Bye bye ?

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