Olympian Heritage (Olympian Challenger Book II – Astrid Arditi)


A newly-crowned Greek heroine. An impossible search for eternal life.
If her godly quest succeeds, she may just doom humanity.
Hope always kept her feet on the ground until she started flying with the Greek gods. After being crowned the new heroine of Olympus, she’s become her own myth and legend. But when the gods give Hope a challenge to find the goddess of eternal life, she’s caught in a deadly dilemma.

As she travels back to the earthly realm to fulfill her mission, Hope knows that carrying out her task would sacrifice humanity.
But when she discovers her own mysterious legacy, her choices become that much more complicated.

Olympian Heritage is the second book in the Olympic Challenger series of YA urban fantasy trilogy that fans of Rick Riordan and Suzanne Collins are sure to devour.
If you like heroic quests, riveting action, Greek mythology, forbidden romance, and feats of courage, then you’ll love Astrid Arditi’s heroic coming-of-age tale.


I must start this review with a confession: This is the second time I read this book.
The first time I read it I didn’t like it. I never felt it was a bad story, but I felt nothing. However, the truth is that, in that moment, I read the book extremely fast and I didn’t want my opinion to be influenced by this. So I decided to give this book a second chance when the third one came out.

Hope has won the gods challenge. Now, for proving her loyalty as their champion, she’s forced to fulfill a new mission on Earth. Finding Hebe, daughter of Zeus who was kidnapped just before the divide and with the fount of youth.

For this mission, Hope is accompanied by Eros, Gabriel and Amy. Kieron promises he will accompany her through the shadows, but Hope is furious with him and as she doesn’t see him on Earth, she gets even more upset. Besides, she has forbidden coming close to her mother, who believes her daughter abandoned her… The little times she’s lucid enough.

With many new creatures and powers, Hope finds unexpected allies. From Amazons, Centaurs, even a god, Raiden.

Raiden turns out way too useful and he always know where to find Hope, which is something suspicious. Although it may be that Hope is too predictable, as there’s a weird man with blue eyes waiting her in every place and saying they need to talk.

If it wasn’t enough with the stalkers, now Hope seems to be in the middle of a teenager crisis that causes her uncontrollable crying. But, maybe it’s not a simple crisis…

Hope finds out that everything she though she knew was a lie, and she’s forced to take a decision that doesn’t have a correct answer.

Again, we find different myths or interesting stories from the secondary characters like Persephone, also there are new characters pretty interesting.
There also seem to be many subplots that intertwine as the story progresses. But then, why didn’t I love it?

This is a question I can’t answer. There’s one thing in this story that deeply bothered me and it’s the anger of Hope against Kieron. No matter how many times I re-read or the effort I did, I couldn’t understand Kieron’s betrayal. Out of that the story is good, however, I never felt compelled not to drop the book.

For me this book deserves 3.5/5 stars. However, I can’t avoid recommending it as I loved the first part and I still like the base plot. I have faith that the last book will compensate all the feelings that this one didn’t give me. I repeat, it’s not a bad book, it just disappointed me a little (You don’t know how it hurts me not giving it more stars ?).

Bye bye ?

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