Hunted Guardian: An Everlight Academy Story – Tiffany Shand


Her life has been filled with secrets. When one is revealed, her world is turned upside down.

Seventeen-year-old Melanie Greenwood is a runner. She and her grandmother have always run away from everywhere they’ve ever been, but she doesn’t know why. For her, it’s just a way of life… until now.
When their high-speed chase ends in a crash, the initial shock is expected. What happens next isn’t.
Everything Mel believes about her life is called into question when her grandmother uses strange magic to transport them from the scene and is met by a new threat.

Stunned by the earth-shattering turn of events, Mel faces an impossible task and must rely on the Guardians for help, but distinguishing friend from foe is a challenge she may not be equipped to handle until she can embrace her magic abilities.

Will she learn to control her abilities and find her grandmother before it’s too late?


*Mini review for a mini story*

Mel has lived her whole life running away of an inexistent danger, as her grandma seems to have lost her mind. This is until they are caught by the danger itself and Mel understands that maybe her grandma wasn’t crazy after all, but never tell her all the truth.

Mel gasped, unable to believe her eyes. Since when did her gran use a sword? The only weapon Mel had ever seen her wield was an old-fashioned broom.

This book is a little story of Mel before she got to the Everlight Academy.
Really good book although a little predictable if you already read Everlight Academy #1. I enjoyed it even thought it was extremely short.

Had she imagined it? What had that strange light been? It couldn’t have come from her. She could barely use a microwave. How the heck could she throw light from her hands?

Bye bye ?

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