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[Book Tour] The Immortal Game – Talia Rothschild & A.C. Harvey

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An exiled goddess goes on a quest to clear her name and save Mount Olympus in Talia Rothschild & A. C. Harvey’s action-packed young adult debut, The Immortal Game!

Galene, daughter of Poseidon, desperately wants to earn her place among the gods. But when a violent attack leaves Mount Olympus in chaos and ruins, she is accused of the crime. Banished from Olympus, Galene sets out to prove her innocence and discovers a more deadly plot—one that threatens even the oldest of Immortals.

Fortunately, she has allies who willingly join her in exile:

A lifelong friend who commands the wind.
A defiant warrior with deadly skill.
A fire-wielder with a hero’s heart.
A mastermind who plays life like a game.

All-out war is knocking at the gates. Galene and her friends are the only ones who can tip the scales toward justice, but their choices could save Olympus from total annihilation, or be the doom of them all.


Thank you so much to Favourite Pages, Talia Rothschild and A. C. Harvey for letting me be part of this tour.

I am the daughter of Poseidon, God of the Seas. The words vibrated through her. I will save my friends. I will clear my name. The strength of the maelstrom rose around her power, threatening to overshadow it. I will tame the sea.

Galene is the daughter of Poseidon. As such she has to prove her value and that she deserves to be immortal.

All the sons of gods must pass this test to gain their immorality at 21, but Galene will do so at 18 for being the daughter of one of the Twelve Olympians, as well as her best friend, Iyana, daughter of Zeus.

The trial consists of defeating a combination of beasts assigned by Fate through cards. Unfortunately, Galene fails her trial, with a chance to retry in 10 more years.

Kostas, God of Games and son of Hermes, has the power to see auras. Galene’s beast was so powerful that he suspected sabotage, but seeing the auras of The Twelve, it seems even more likely.

That same night, someone steals the cards and creates random monsters to cause destruction. The problem is that a vision of Apollo clearly shows that Galene did it, but she is innocent. Since no one can face the Twelve, Galene is exiled from Olympus without ever being able to achieve her immortality. Iyana, cannot bear such injustice and decides to go into exile with her, along with her boyfriend Demitri, son of Ares and Aphrodite.

The three decide to look for Chrysander, Galene’s brother who exiled himself a few years ago when he did not agree with how things were going in Olympus.

On the way they are caught by Kostas and his best friend Braxtus, Apollo’s son and who is madly in love with Iyana.

Chrysander, along with his allies, have a plan to fix things on Olympus. But it involves destroying it. Now Galene, Iyana, Braxtus and Kostas must go on a mission against time to retrieve an object from the Gods, the avyssos, and save Olympus. Or destroy it …

I love Greek mythology books, especially when there is some kind of competition on Olympus. I loved the idea of ​​monsters created using the deck of cards. It was difficult for me to understand it at first due to the names of the beasts, however this becomes clearer as the story progresses.

I had a hard time getting caught on the book in the beginning because there was so much information to absorb. It is told through the points of view of Galene, Iyana, Kostas and Braxtus, but in third person. However, once the story progresses it becomes easy to follow and all the pieces start to fit together. Even after some unexpected twists ?.

To find and recover the avyssos, they must face various challenges that test each one’s abilities. In which Iyana feels completely useless. I really enjoyed watching her growth in particular, as she managed to find her strength and become a powerful Goddess in more ways than one.

In this story there is room for romance, but it is not the main focus. The focus is the mission of the five friends and their path of growth, in addition to the injustices on Olympus. It has a lot of action and adventure.

It has happened to me more than once in this type of book that the ending disappoints me, but this was not the case. The ending seemed perfect to me and I really hope this story continues in the style of a new Percy Jackson.


Talia Rothschild, Italian American, is passionate about stories in many forms—music, dance, photography, film and, of course, great novels. She believes in thick hot chocolate and creamer in your tea. When she’s not happily writing, she’s mothering the sweetest baby girl and making memories with her husband. Her debut book The Immortal Game, coauthored with A. C. Harvey, hits the shelves May 2021.

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Ashleigh Harvey is teaching high school physics and bringing her writing dreams to life. English-born and world-traveled, she loves filling her life with new adventures, such as visiting a new country or exploring the Wild West with her husband. She also finds escape in movies, music, literature, and yearly comic conventions. The Immortal Game is her debut novel, created alongside Talia Rothschild, her close friend.

You can find her on her social media:

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More info about the book:

The Immortal Game by Talia Rothschild and A.C. Harvey
Publisher: Swoon ReadsRelease
On May 25th, 2021
Genres: Young Adult, Fantasy, Mythology
Pages: 352
Links: Goodreads | Amazon USAmazon UK | B&N | Bookdepository | Kobo | Google Books


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