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The Calling (The Andovia Chronicles Book 1) – Tiffany Shand


Meet Nyx Ashwood; sentenced to death for supposedly murdering her foster father, saved by Darius Valeran—but why did he help her?

Nyx, a fae mind whisperer, has no idea she has magic. When Darius saves her from certain death, she knows there’s more than he’s telling her about herself, his motives, and his plans for her.

Darius is the son of the Archdruid; a position of privilege and power. Along with everyone else, he believed the mind whispers to be extinct. None have been seen in a generation after the Archdruid wiped them all out. Yet here is Nyx, living proof they’re not all gone. His brother believes Nyx is part of an ancient prophecy that could either save their world… or destroy it.

When a rift opens to the underworld, Darius realizes that Nyx might be the only one that can help him discover who opened it and why. Except not only does she not know she has powers, she has no control over them. But if they don’t work together, evil spirits and monsters will destroy their world.


Nyx is a young woman with pink hair, wings and that used to have pointed ears. She clearly has a relation with the Fae, however, she doesn’t remember anything before she was 8 years old. When she was found under an Ash tree and was sold to her “foster parent” Harland. She lived with tho other young women who became her sisters, while her job was stealing for Harland.

The reason she was the one to steal was because of her “curse”. This allowed Nyx to read the minds of others (rather than allowing her, it forced her to listen to everyone’s thoughts) and also gave her a slight control over people, which could make them forget her if discovered.

After Harland died in strange conditions, everyone blamed Nyx and she was sentenced to death. Thanks to the help of her sister Domnu, the seer, she was able to escape and finally be rescued by Darius, a druid, who for some reason nullified Nyx’s powers. Unfortunately, he was not really going to her rescue, but to capture her to hand her over to his brother.

Darius was the son of the Archdruid. This gave him several advantages, however, he preferred to get away from his family and, above all, from the dark magic that everyone enjoyed. Darius, along with his mentor Ambrose, were trying to discover the origin of the rifts, openings where the veil between our world and the next meet, and were trying desperately to close them and avoid the attacks of the darklings.

“I believe everything we do, no matter how small, does help. They may not seem like much, but I have to believe that.”

Nyx in fact wasn’t cursed, she was a mind whisperer, a gift believed to have been eradicated centuries ago, after the order of Darius’s grandfather. These new “powers” that Nyx was discovering could be useful to Darius’s plans, if only she knew how to control them. Also, working together implies trust, and that was impossible between them…

“Oh, she might not be cursed but she did have power.”

I had a hard time getting into the book at the beginning. It’s quite fast, but at first I didn’t understand what was going on, besides not being able to relate to the characters. Fortunately it got a lot more interesting as the story progressed.

This book is written in third person, but we can only read the minds of Nyx and Darius. I like him a lot more, by the way, Nyx complains too much ?. Although her personality improves a lot once she manages to accept that she is not cursed and gets interested in helping save the world instead of just planning how to escape.

“If you want to stop her from running away, give her a reason to stay.”

In short, this is quite an interesting book. I was sure it would have the trope of enemies to lovers, but nope, there is no romance… ? I’m still hopeful about it. However, I will read the next book anyway. This book had a closure, but it’s clear that new problems will come. Also, and this is not a spoiler, just my thought, I’m sure Ambrose is bad!!!!! And I need to read the following to check ?.

It may not have become one of my favorite books, but I find it highly recommendable anyway and I have a lot of faith in the next part.

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