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Kissed by Death (Vegas Immortals: Death and the Last Vampire Book 2) – Holly Roberds

Kissed by Death (Vegas Immortals: Death and the Last Vampire Book 2)
Holly Roberds

Kissed by Death

*Please take in count that this is a spoiler-free review for book 2. This means it’s full of spoilers of book 1.*


The Grim Reaper can bite me.

I’m bound to Grim by blood now, making me his vampire slave for all eternity.
But he’ll find out there is only one will I abide by. Mine.

Now the rest of the immortals know I exist, and they want a lookey-loo at the only living vampire.

Except half the immortals want to possess me as their own vampire slave, while the other half wants to kill me outright.

Grim swears he won’t let anyone harm me, but he’s been absorbing tainted, dark souls to the breaking point.

How can he protect anyone when his power is compromised?

This is fine, right?

Asking for a friend.


*Trigger warnings? Explicit sex scenes, child abuse (non-descriptive).*

Ok, first I have to say that Holly’s blurbs are just the best. There’s no way you read that synopsis and don’t want to be that friend Vivien is asking for.

“Everybody thinks it’s every woman’s dream to find the perfect man. Actually, every woman’s dream is to eat anything she wants and not get fat.”

With that quote this book was already on my favorites list.

So, Vivien drank Grim’s blood for saving Jamal, Miranda’s son. Seemed like a good idea until she found out she became his slave. We follow Vivien while she tries to stay aliv…I mean undead and learns to live with the idea of having a blood bond with Grim. We all know she had small-more-like-ultra-little-almost-non-existent feelings for Grim, but he can control her will now. And she’s not that dumb for believing he won’t use that power eventually. So now she has no interest in him, other than being her lunch…

Of course Vivien, like we believe a word of that.


This book is as funny as the first one, maybe even more. And we have a HIGH level of romantic tension. That later develops in a super steamy book. 

“You think I’m afraid?” My laugh came out a bark. “I’m not scared of anything.” I’d survived on the streets as a vampire for two weeks on my own without killing anyone, destroyed the master vampire, and literally laughed in Death’s face. I was straight-up badass. No, I was Taylor Swift— Fearless.

This series is the first steamy one that I read consciously, as it’s not my style. Book 1 was just sexual tension, so it was fine for me, but this one goes to another level.


I still loved it though, as most of the book flowed with the story and I didn’t get that feeling of sex scenes added anywhere with no sense that is my problem with most “adult” books.

The hurry to join with her fell away as I kissed her with all the reverence I could muster. I may be a god, but it was my turn to worship another.

Also, I have to admit I’m super biased with this book. I somehow managed to get myself inside this book! I’m an extra in a scene with Dawn, another Hellion, and is the best scene in the book! Ok… maybe not the best, but one of those.

im on the cover

I’ve always been one of those night owls who like to read at night, but I’ve been trying to be a “responsible adult” for a long time and I don’t stay until thaaaat late. But with this one, I just couldn’t control myself and more than once I couldn’t stop reading. Vivien could be my best friend, if it wasn’t because I’m completely in love with Grim.

You, who have confronted all the torments, desires, tragedies, deaths, and endings of all beings. You can’t stand to look into this sekhor’s face without wanting to fall on your knees before her, apologizing for the injustices she’s faced.

Oh, special mention to my favorite character, Jenkins 😂. I’m pretty sure I have someone like him in my brain.

Jenkins, did you hear that? She’s got a target on her back.
Sir, I heard. We are royally screwed. What are we going to do about it?
Hit the lever to switch her focus. Get it onto anything else. If she thinks about it too long, her head will pop, and we’ll be out of a job.
Roger that, sir.

So, final verdict: Infinitely recommended for having a great time but also a super awesome background story, and some interesting turns I didn’t see coming.

goblin's grim reaper

Bye bye 💕

4,5 Estrellas

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