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In Dawn’s Light – Tiffany Shand


In the darkness you can always find light.

Callie’s city is dying. To save it, she must achieve the impossible. As a sorceress in a city where magic is illegal and could result in dire circumstances, she knows the risks. However, she is cautiously optimistic that stealing a sacred artifact from the Lord Aron’s castle will restore magic to the city.

Aiden is a former member of the Dragon Guard turned mercenary who is tasked with finding Callie, but his mission is thwarted when he learns she’s already been captured.

Callie’s mission to save her city will not be easy and Aiden is the only one who can help her complete her goal. It’s a race against time as dark forces close in and threaten to stop them in their tracks.


I’m not really fan of Dystopian stories. They were so trendy in the times of the Hunger Games that I got tired of them. But I got caught immediately with this one.

Unfortunately that wasn’t enough. I think the idea was really good, I just didn’t like how it came out.

This is a standalone in the same world of a new series called The Andovia Chronicles. I will definitely read that one because the world sounds pretty interesting, but we don’t get enough in this book.

This book follows Callie, a young woman that is trying to save her people along with her brothers. For this matter they had to steal a valuable orb from the leader, and now all the guards are on their trail.

Aiden is hired by a mysterious man to capture Callie before the guards. And as they had already captured her when he arrives, he’s forced to help her for getting back the orb.

As I said, this story caught my attention immediately. It was a nice and fast reading (It has just 44 pages). But since Callie and Aiden met, things got too confusing. I’m not sure if it was just me or there were lots of mistakes. I actually read an ARC of this book, so I hope most of them were fixed for the release.

As a short story is still nice to spend the time, but it disappointed me a lot. An original idea, but I felt it led nowhere.

Bye bye ?

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