Everlight Academy (Faeling Book 1) – Tiffany Shand


Magic can be blessing or a curse.

Seventeen-year-old Silvana Eldry, a faeling, lives in fear. Shunned by society, bullied by her classmates, and ignored by her foster parents, she’s an outcast in a world ruled by the fae.

When she’s offered a prestigious placement at Everlight Academy, she finds herself in a strange, new world. One filled with magic, gorgeous fae beings, and the chance to learn about her powers. But there’s a catch!

There are trials and challenges ahead because Everlight doesn’t just let students survive. They must earn their survival. And Silvy must tear herself from the unwavering connection she feels to a handsome fae prince.

Will her quest for a new life cost her everything or will she get the new life she craves?

Faeling is a slow-burn non-reverse harem romance with one feisty heroine who will stop at nothing to find out who she really is.


I want to give this book 1 star, that’s how angry I am. I was reading happily when, out of nowhere, it says “continued in Fae Born”.

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That’s right my friends. This book ends in a damned cliffhanger.

Normally I wouldn’t be that upset, but ages have passed since I read a book that ended in a cliffhanger and the saga wasn’t complete already. Now I have to suffer until the next book comes out (goes to a corner to cry).

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But well, I can’t give it 1 star because it deserves the 5. I couldn’t stop reading.

Human beings were about to destroy their world (tell me something new) and the fae world along, as both worlds are connected. Faes helped to save the human world and then disappeared.

Silvy Eldry is a faeling, that being half human half fae. She was abandoned after she was born in a place called Eldry Woods, that’s where her last name came from. Even though she was a half-blood, her only non-human quality were her decorative wings, as they couldn’t even fly. She passed through uncountable foster houses, but she was never well-received. At age 17, she lives with the Carter’s, two drug addicts that use all the money they get from taking care of Silvy in Dust, some kind of Fae drug. Silvy doesn’t get any care from them, not even clothes or food. She’s just used as a mule for going to buy their drug. They even destroyed her wings. At least she just needs to resist till she become 18 and gets to start her own life.

At school, she doesn’t get a breath either. Ava, one of her classmates, is on charge of making each of her days even more miserable.

Ava said she didn’t know how someone could stand to live the life of a faeling. I wouldn’t give up. My life might suck but one day it would be better. I would get to live life on my terms and not be pushed around by anyone any longer.

When it seems her life couldn’t get any worse, Silvy finds out she has a fae stalker following her and that he has attacked Ava and Ron, the drug dealer, for her defence. Or at least that’s what it seems like, as the other option would be that Silvy has magic and that was impossible, she has been tested all her life for being sure.

Now fearing humans would lock her up for having magic. Her only “friend” Freya, the librarian, tells Silvy she has an all-included spot at a fae school, Everlight Academy.

There she finds out indeed she has magic. Although she’s completely unable to control it. Also, she finds out her stalker is actually the prince of the Seelies, “light” faes. And that Freya is not being completely honest with her.

How could a forest be inside a castle? That made no sense. Then again, no part of today had made any sense to me so far. All of it was just a jumbled mess of confusion.

Now Silvy finally has a chance of a good life, but for that she needs to prove the Fae elders council, including Tristan’s mother, that she’s not a treat. Something that will not be as easy as it seems.

Geez, good job, Silvy. You pissed off the council Fae elders and a prince all in one day.

For me this is a pretty original story. Not predictable at all and hilarious. I tend to highlight in the e-books some sentences I like and the truth is that I felt like doing a resume for school… I highlighted all the book ?.

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I loved Silvy from the beginning. She has a horrible life, yet she’s incredible funny when she tells her story and I love she never gives up.

You should never think about what-ifs — I’d learnt that growing up. I couldn’t change the past. No one could.

I also loved that the book doesn’t revolve around Tristan. He is an important character, and pretty interesting too, but Silvy has more things to do that just drool for him.

Typical male. They never did anything they were supposed to do.

Silvy has to learnt how to use her newly discovered magic, and also learnt how to trust in somebody else. But, if all her hard life wasn’t enough, the only person she could trust has been hiding things from the very beginning.

The only real critic I could make this book is that the story ends without any trails mentioned in the synopsis actually occurring, which make me feel the synopsis is more for the saga that this particular book.

However, 5/5, Wonderful start for a saga, excellent descriptions y perfect story for romance lovers that don’t like pink novels. This makes me think of Jennifer L. Armentrout style, one of my favourite authors.

Bye bye ?

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