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Wolf Bait (Wolf Shifter Romance Novella) – Stephany Wallace


Hunting Wolf Shifters is the family business… and I want nothing to do with it.

You’d think that with living in a small town, my life would be normal. Think again. There is nothing simple about the predators that hide in the Blue Mountains, attacking unsuspecting humans and tearing the to pieces. It’s the very reason my dad and four brothers are paid the big bucks.

Yet, to my family, there is no difference between a supernatural beast and the innocent animals that lie in the forest. The head trophies in our walls are proof of that. So, I help the vet in town save all kind of species, staying as far away from my family’s brutal killing as possible.

Until an unexpected encounter with a mysterious, min-numblingly sexy stranger sends my world into a whirlwind, and I en up being used as the most terrifying piece of my dad’s hunt…

Wolf Shifter bait.


“One look, one touch, one smile was all it took…”

Aria hated her life. She was used to doing what her father ordered and making life easier for her four brothers. Her mother had passed away when she was little, and since then her life has turned into torture.

Her only intention was to leave that place as soon as she could. The only person who was nice to her was an old woman named Miss Baker, who spent all day gossiping around town.

Dragging my eyes to the bakery, I sighed. “I’m going to get some coffee while I wait for Billy Joe. Would you like something, Miss Baker?”
“Many things, dear. I’d like many things, but the key to life is patience. Fate gives us only what we need, when we need it. The rest shall come when it might.”
“Huh?” My face scrunched up at her answer. Why were old people so weird?

Taking advantage of her love for animals, Aria would occasionally work with the town vet.

“You are not an animal,” I replied, amused. “This is a vet’s office, so the table is only for pets.”
He shrugged. “I found my way back to you all on my own, I ate a treat from your hand, and you call me Pretty Boy. I hardly see the difference.”

That also made her feel better about herself, as she came from a family of hunters charged with protecting the city from monsters such as Wolf Shifters, but they enjoyed killing any animal and demonstrated it by keeping their heads on the walls. Aria had the horrible feeling that her mother had been killed by those creatures.

Her life was pretty monotonous until she met a handsome boy who saved her from being crushed by a box in the best Edward Cullen style when saving Bella from the truck.

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Living in a misogynistic family, Aria couldn’t be least interested in meeting a boy. But she fell for “Pretty Boy” the moment she saw him for the first time. Especially for his “animal attraction”.

Tilting my head up, I found I was crushed against a guy’s body. Not just any guy, the muscular newcomer. Holy mother of fiddlesticks. He was freaking hot. Like a sexy volcanic eruption, sensual lava flowing all over and scorching every inch it caressed, kind of HOT. He was simmering hot. Like smoldering butter on low heat, spreading its tangy, sweet, and creamy deliciousness over the soft and eager pancake laying under it, wanting to be licked—crap, I wasn’t sure if he was getting me excited or hungry, but it was up there.

The problem is, Pretty Boy is overly mysterious, overbearing, and doesn’t even want to tell her his real name. Worse still is that he dares to declare her his, and that she is incapable of refusing.

“Did that make me a floozy? Probably, but now I knew why those women enjoyed it so much. Dear Lord…

I totally agree with Aria that all her neurons failed since she met “Pretty Boy”. But I also understand her perfectly, because I also loved him from his first appearance ?.

Okay, it was not fair for that stranger to be hot, sexy, and sweet with dogs too. The trifecta.

It’s such a short story that I can’t say more without spoilers. But I enjoyed it too much. And I discovered an interesting similarity of Wolf Shifters with Vampires ?.

Despite being short, we get to understand Aria and her life well, as well as Pretty Boy’s. In addition to being a romance in my favorite style, it is a novel that reminds you that family is not necessarily the one that has a blood bond with you.

This book is part of Falling for Shifters: A Limited Edition Autumn Shifters Collection.

Bye bye ?

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