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Dragon Rider (Rise of the Dragon Master Book 2) – Stephany Wallace


I have the gift of Dragon sight…

At first, I thought I was going crazy, but now I’m training among warriors in a world I’d never been. Except, I know it like the back of my hand.

Coming to Caelisium—the Sky Paradise—promised to reveal the truth about my parents and the ring’s power, but with Evie no longer by my side, I’m forced to search for answers on my own. With each secret I uncover, more questions arise. Was my illness ever real, or is it connected to this place? And did the Warlock King truly kill my father?

Falling for Braxton is a weakness I can’t afford…

Being abducted by Raithian revealed a bitter truth. The girl who wants Braxton, cannot become the queen my people need to end the war. I have lost so many, sacrificed too much to let my heart distract me from my duty.

Yet, our Dragons are pulled to him in an impossible way, causing some kind of reaction. Something else is happening to him, and I don’t know how to stop it. I thought Braxton would be safe here, perhaps I was wrong.


This book begins right where the last one left off. Evie has been kidnapped by Raithian, the King of Warlocks … I should add, while peeing. I can’t avoid mentioning that 🤣.

Raithian has enslaved the people of Evie, who are also the people of Brax, for years. Until Evie’s parents managed to form a revolution. However, this would have been a complete failure were it not for Khayden, the Herald of Justice and father of Brax, who managed to get the dragons to support them.

“My parents gave them hope when they had none. They reminded everyone that they couldn’t just give up and accept their fate. They had to fight for what they wanted and what they believed they deserved. That it was better to die risking everything for freedom, than to live in chains.”

Braxton is desperate to rescue Evie. With the help of Vyper and Draco they manage to reach them and rescue her, or rather they distract Raithian while Evie rescues herself 😂.

She was running towards the edge of the beast’s back, like she was going to jump off him.
She wouldn’t.
She wouldn’t jump.
Her golden hair whipped all around her as she frantically searched the sky, trying to pinpoint my location, but unable to find us.
“Catch me!” Evie ordered and… Yep, she jumped.
There was something seriously wrong with that woman.

Together they arrive at Evie’s palace, where things get complicated for both of them. Evie is a princess, while to everyone else, Braxton is just another citizen who helped her along the way. He can’t even get close to her (which isn’t very easy for them if you remember that they can’t get their hands off each other 🤣).

Anyway, the princess has more important things to worry about. They have yet to find a way to defeat Raithian and rescue the rest of her people who are still enslaved in the Hollow. She has realized that being in love with Braxton only distracts her, in addition to being an impossible relationship, because his people would never accept him, especially if they knew that he was actually the son of the Herald of Justice, who was a hero once, but then abandoned them and fled the war without explanation. This part is still unknown to Braxton, as Evie does not want to ruin the image of his father.

Meanwhile, Braxton “Burrito” begins his training as a warrior, but his abilities exceed everyone’s expectations. Especially because of his relationship with dragons, they literally love him, and he is able to understand them. The ring continues to light up, and one of his eyes has taken on the shape of a dragon’s, allowing him to see through their eyes.

Still, now these people expected me to begin physical training without a drop of caffeine?? Were they insane? The day did not look good for me. What kind of civilization didn’t have coffee? WTF?

A fast-paced read, very entertaining and fun, but no less interesting for that. What seems to be a stamp on Steph’s books and I love it. I think that is what I have enjoyed the most about this saga. Well, the humor and secrets, because it is true that the further the story progresses, the more questions we have 😅. I also loved getting to know more about Kingston, Evie’s chief of guard, but I miss Josh as much as Brax 😢. And the dragons… Vyper’s personality is fabulous, while other dragons like Draco are incredibly attentive and love to help. They are truly wonderful creatures.

Bye bye 💕

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