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Dragon Master (Rise of the Dragon Master Book 3) – Stephany Wallace


My connection to the Dragons runs deeper than I imagined…

The more time I spend in this world, the more I realize this is where I belong. The need to become an Elevated Warrior, and prove that I deserve to stand next to their princess rules my days, but there’s something emerging within me…

A force brings me closer to the Dragons than it does our people, merging our thoughts and emotions until it’s hard to differentiate between us. To make matters worse, the Warlock King’s dark magic captures me during an ill-fated encounter, demonstrating his supremacy, and setting off a power in me I didn’t even know I possessed.

When Lachlan confronts me, things get out of hand. He’s fighting to reclaim his place among the warriors and the princess’ eyes, yet he never expected I would stand in his way. And I can see right through him. What he truly wants is Evie. Unfortunately, his challenge causes the power whirling inside me to take over, accidentally putting everyone at risk, and leaving me to wonder…

Can I control these abilities and be the man Caelisium and Evie need me to be? Or are they better off without me?


Brax is doing his best to earn his place in the Elevated Warriors. In addition, he wants to demonstrate his value to become worthy of Princess Evanna and to be by her side.

He’s also training his connection with dragons. In particular with Tharion, his soul mate, who is the feared dragon, despite having proven to be on their side, he has also made it clear to Brax that he has no intention of listening to his instructions.

Meanwhile, Evie plans to rescue more people from the hands of the Warlock King, trying at the same time to protect those who have already been rescued and are hiding with her in her kingdom.

Lachlan, Evie’s childhood friend who stood up against her before, has returned with the intention of regaining the princess’s trust, as well as his place among the Elevated Warriors. However, he and Brax hate each other from the first moment (nothing to do with male ego or jealousy 🙄) and their constant friction leads to more than one complex situation. Especially since Braxton still doesn’t fully control his powers, he actually doesn’t even really know what his powers are, let alone their origin.

Which brought me back to jealousy. Was I really that guy? Apparently, I was, because I was practically a minute away from peeing all around her to mark my territory— like some possessive brute or a wild animal. Sigh.

In this book we also get to know Willow a little better and I love her. I laughed a lot with her.

“Not exactly. I’m not going to undress in front of you.”That was clearly the lamest excuse ever, but I didn’t want to have to explain my scars. Sarcasm instantly gripped her expression. “Thank you so much for saving my innocent eyes from the display of man nipples.”She gestured to the warriors behind me with nothing on but pants and arm shields. “After all, I didn’t grow up around half naked men or anything.”

I love the characters, I love Evie and Brax’s relationship. But mostly I love the dragons.

Damn it. I had officially lost my mind, but also, I finally understood the saying “If a guy wants to see you, there is nothing that will stand in his way.” I wasn’t going to lie, I used to think it was something women said to shame guys, but nope, it turned out they were right. They were right. They were freaking right.

It is quite an entertaining book. Confusions with the “mirror” world are hilarious. Also, their love for coffee 😂.

“Agreed.”I smirked, lifting my hand. “High five!”“High what?”“You know, high five.”I shook my hand in the air. “You lift your hand and slam it against mine.”Harrison frowned. “Why would I want to hit your hand?”“No, it’s like a clap. Like in celebration.”“You want me to hit you because I’m happy?”“No, it’s not hitting, it’s like clapping—you know what? Never mind.”

My only real criticism, like the previous ones, is that it deeply bothers me when the characters are in situations as simple as reading a map and suddenly they start to mention how horny they are about someone’s clothes or things like that. Fortunately this only happens once in this book.

All in all, it’s a really nice book to read and I’m obviously looking forward to the next part.

Bye bye 💕

PS: I want to bite Lachlan and not in a good sense.

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