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Dragon Eye (Rise of the Dragon Master Book 1) – Stephany Wallace


Dragons are real… and I’m connected to them by blood.

I’m Braxton Storm, and I know nothing about my father’s past. With him gone, a frail mom, and a weird disease attacking my body, my life hasn’t exactly been easy. Still, I’m just another guy dealt a bad hand, right? Normal. Except, Dragons invade my dreams with such vivid detail, it feels like I’m one of them.

When a gorgeous yet strange girl appears in my coffee shop, I’m strongly drawn to her, but a girlfriend is the last thing I need. As I struggle to keep my illness at bay, I am thrown into full-blown visions of a world that’s not my own… and a daunting man in a demon mask. What the hell is happening to me?

Being a Skyborne doesn’t come without a cost, and my family has paid greatly.

I, Princess Evanna, am the only one left to protect my people from the evil threatening to destroy us. Fulfilling my aunt’s last wish, I travel to the human realm in search of the Harbinger of Justice—our only hope. Instead, I stumble upon a guy, sexy as sin, whose smile shakes me to my core.

I’m drawn to Braxton as fiercely as he is to me, but helping him means exposing my Dragons and my true identity to the humans… Not helping him, will mean his death.

Soon, we discover our destinies are entwined by a bigger force—one that cannot be stopped—and Braxton and I might be the key to keeping each other’s worlds from crumbling to pieces.


One thing I had discovered through everything I endured, was that the bad patches didn’t last forever, no matter how hard they seemed. Happiness was real, attainable, but the good times were the shortest of all. A series of grains of sand, if you will. Little moments that when put together created amazing things. However, they were easily missed if you focused on the darkness. So when you found a shimmering, golden grain of sand among the hard, dark rocks, you needed to grasp it and enjoy it for what it was.

Braxton was nineteen years-old. He lived in a rented room in a house where he found a new kind of family. He has lived there for three years, since he understood he couldn’t take care of his mother anymore.

His father had died in a fire when he was nine years-old. The shock destroyed his mother’s mind, and she got delusional, unable to distinguish between reality and fantasy. She was being well cared in a private center.

Braxton worked in a coffee shop. Usually taking extra turns for covering his mother’s treatment and his own room.

Even though his life had been pretty hard, he was a wonderful man, and was happy at his house and job. Everyone around him loved him.

“No matter how hard life has been for you, you’ve grown into a decent young man, Brax. Just keep going, okay? No matter what happens.”
“Thank you, Sarah. I will.”

Unfortunately Braxton had a rare disease that is getting worse, and there was no cure to it.

His life shudders since the moment Evanna entered the coffee shop.

Damn it. I really didn’t need this right now. I had too much to worry about as it was, including my illness and my mother’s mental health, to add a crazy girlfriend to the mix.
Wait. Who the hell says she is going to be my girlfriend?! Arrg!

Evanna is the Skyborne princess. With just twenty years, she had been forced to take the care of all her kingdom, after her parents and aunt died in the hands of Raithian. The same monster man that was threatening her people now.

Her aunt’s last wish was for Evie to look for The Harbinger of Justice and beg him for help. Even though he abandoned his people ages ago.

“You can save our people, Evie, our world, but you can’t do it alone. You need him, whether you like it or not… Find him.”

Evie has to eat all her pride and search for him. But it gets even harder than expected because the world he lives now (the Earth) is completely different to hers. She came with two young dragons, with amazing personalities I must say, but they obviously couldn’t accompany her through the city.

“But most importantly, DO NOT breath fire on anything or anyone. It is not funny, and the people here don’t have the means to heal like we do in our world. Understood?”

Braxton and Evie are attracted to each other like magnets since they first saw each other. But they could never be together as Evie eventually had to go back to “New Zealand”, and Brax had to figure out how to live when his illness made it harder day by day.

I got the luck of hearing the prologue read by Steph herself a while ago. It was fun that now, when I started the book I heard it again in my head.

Braxton is amazing. No matter how many problems he can have, he’s always trying to help others. His lifestyle made me think about the movie Pay It Forward. Gladly, he was paid the same way by his environment.

Somehow, I knew in my core that Braxton was a guardian. A shield. The one who cared too much about everyone around him, often when he shouldn’t. Likely to protect others, even at his own expense.

Evanna doesn’t stay behind. She’s amazing too. Trying to save all her world, coming to a world where she couldn’t understand a thing. Even being in a disadvantageous position, she tries to help people. She’s such a strong woman, even if she’s afraid that everyone else may believe otherwise.

I didn’t think I would ever understand this world, and in all honesty, I didn’t want to. The last thing I wished was to find excuses that made it okay to let someone go hungry and without a roof over their heads.

I knew her description remembered me of someone, but it wasn’t until I read this book was somewhat inspired by How To Train Your Dragon that I noticed Evie is the exact image of Astrid. Maybe with longer hair ?‍♀️.

I would even dare to say Brax is the muscular version of Hippo ?. They are just a little less Vikings.

The fact that Evie didn’t understand this world led her to some amusing confusions like thinking the coffee shop was a dungeon for worshiping Brax ?.

Just like my previous visits, there was a line of disciples waiting to speak to him, which told me the Harbinger held power in this world too.

This line was for buying coffee, he was at the register ?

There are some interesting secondary characters too. My own favorite being totally Josh, Brax’s co-worker and boyfriend, I mean, friend… But really, he flirts more with him than Evie, even in front of Rebecca, his girlfriend. But he’s truly the best friend one could have.
He also understands women perfectly…

“All I’m saying is, all women are a little crazy.” Josh lifted his hands in surrender. “No, I’m not judging or anything. It’s just who they are, and honestly, I love it. We might as well appreciate it and enjoy the wild ride.”

This book has descriptive sex scenes. I don’t mind this but what I do not like is when a character gets “hard” all the time. Like, “I’m dying but I saw her and got hard”. I really dislike this, fortunately it was just once.

As usual Stephany’s books, this has lots of romance and humor. This is my favorite thing, I laughed so hard most part of the book. But it doesn’t make it less “serious”. The story is complicated and so are the characters. There’s also a lot of pain in the story. And the world building is wonderful as usual.

I took an eager sip. One too ambitious and hot for my mouth. The beverage lodged in my throat, and I was helpless but to spit it out or burn my tongue.
Braxton blinked, coffee sprayed all over his face and chest. “Careful, it’s hot,” he mumbles the warning he hadn’t had a chance to utter.

This book is told changing POVs from Braxton and Evanna, without problems of confusion. One thing I love is that, being in the main characters head, we get to “hear” a lot of hilarious monologues.

Content, I felt the urge too and stood, walking outside the small cave to a bush nearby. Reaching for it, I made sure it was actually a plant. The last thing I needed was to pee on a creature as tall as a high-rise that could have me for dinner.

The only reason I’ll give this book 4 and not 5 stars, is because I felt we still know nothing. We got some information in this book, but got way more questions than answers. At least is just part one and, for the amount of releases Steph has done this year, she probably writes like a book daily ?, we will probably get book 2 soon enough. This is particularly good because the book ends in a cliffhanger (I’m getting used to them, I resigned myself to the pain ?)

PS: Team Evax forever (or Braxanna).

Bye bye ?

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